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UtilityCraft mod

The UtilityCraft mod enhances the Minecraft Bedrock gaming experience by introducing new tools, utilities, automation blocks, machines, crops, and more. It aims to provide players with additional functionalities and options beyond the vanilla Minecraft gameplay. Most items and blocks are crafted using specific recipes, often requiring new materials introduced by the mod. Advanced Crafting Table is utilized for crafting addon-specific items. You can experiment with new farming methods using crops, harvesters, and tractors. Set up mob farms using Mechanical Spawners for automated mob spawning and much more.

Credits: Dorios Craft Studios

Discover new machines and Automation blocks

These blocks serve to automate various processes in the game, making gameplay more efficient and enjoyable. Machines include the Harvester, Crusher, Autosieve, Block Breaker, and more. Automation blocks such as the Workbench, Machine Case, and Steel are essential for crafting and operating machines.

UtilityCraft mod

Machines like the Harvester automate crop harvesting within a defined range, with options for speed and range upgrades. The Crusher converts blocks into different types, the Autosieve filters blocks to obtain resources, and the Block Breaker breaks blocks in front of it. Upgrades enhance machine performance, allowing for faster operation and larger coverage areas.

Introduces a new method of creating mob farms using Mechanical Spawners. Players can craft spawners using a Spawner Core and essence obtained from specific mobs. Spawners summon mobs periodically within a designated area, facilitating mob farming.

Farm new crops

The mod adds 31 new crop types that drop ores when fully grown, affected by Fortune enchantments. Different soil tiers affect crop yield, and each crop has specific planting requirements. Advanced tools like the Tractor and Harvester aid in crop management and harvesting.

All-in-One Tool and enhanced mining capabilities

Introduces a variety of new tools with unique functionalities, such as the Advanced Pickaxe, Axe, and Shovel. All-In-One Tools (AIOTs) combine multiple tool functions into one, providing efficiency and versatility. Specialized tools like the Paxel, Hammer, and Drill offer enhanced mining capabilities.

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