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Perfomizer addon

Performizer enables a significant boost in Minecraft's performance by making some graphic adjustments. This addon optimizes the rendering of the render dragon engine to provide a higher FPS. Interestingly, it offers a visual experience that's even closer to the vanilla style compared to the modern version of the game.

Credits: Legendary Creeper

Some of the optimizations made:
  • Disabled particles
  • Disabled block animations
  • Reduced num-mip-levels
  • Reduced padding
  • No biome blending (only for water)
  • No swamp biome blending
  • Clear water
  • Opaque leaves
  • Opaque water
  • Reduced enchantment glint resolution
  • Removed pumpkin blur
  • Removed spyglass overlay
  • Removed sun and moon
  • Removed clouds
  • Removed stars
  • Removed entity shadows
  • Removed vignette
  • Clear backgrounds
  • Disabled view bobbing

Perfomizer addon

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  1. pro minecraft
    its awesome and i hate it so mush its the worst make sure to have fun

    lol thats going to hurt so much peoples brain
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