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Admin Utilities addon

Make your life as the server administrator easier by using the Admin Utilities addon. Get rid of pesky griefers with the snap of a finger using a convenient menu. Send players to jail, freeze them, or even ban them for a set amount of time. The best part is you don't have to use the command line ever again, which is what I'm all in for.

Credits: Paul Javier Castillo Delgado

Inventory Management: Easily view and edit another player's inventory through a chest interface. You can even teleport to the chest or delete it remotely.
Ban System: Ban players for a set amount of time or permanently, with the option to provide a reason for the ban. Players will see the reason whenever they try to join the world while banned.
Jail System: Imprison players for a specified duration or indefinitely. Set a jail location, ensuring you also set an exit location to prevent players from being trapped indefinitely.
Vanish System: Become completely invisible, allowing you to move and perform actions without being noticed by others.
Freeze System: Immobilize players, preventing them from moving or rotating their camera.
Projectile Powers: Trigger special effects on mobs or players by hitting them with snowballs, arrows, or eggs. Effects include lightning strikes, ice cages, and TNT explosions.
Kill System: Instantly kill players, even if they're in Creative mode, saving time by bypassing the need to change their game mode.
Launch System: Launch players into the sky for some playful fun, accompanied by the sound of a rocket if you're nearby.

How to get started:

- Find the Admin's wand in Creative mode. Run this command to add yourself as the owner and prevent others from removing you: /tag @s add owner
- Also, add yourself as an admin: /tag @s add -auadmin
- Now, just use the Admin's wand to access the menu.

Admin Utilities addon

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  1. Dannie
    Okay I got the admins wand and now what
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