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Simple Wands addon

Simple Wands addon adds a magical touch to Minecraft PE without causing performance issues. It introduces various magical items like wands, batons, and scepters, each with unique abilities. For example, you can cast spells from afar, mine wide areas instantly, or summon magical allies to aid you in battles. The addon focuses on simplicity, usefulness, engagement, originality, and fun.

Credits: Pungo49

Simple Wands addon

Here are 10 interesting wands from the addon and their abilities:

  • Bounce Wand: Shoots a projectile that bounces over enemies, damaging them, and grants the player a jump boost effect.
  • Clay Ball Wand: Shoots small clay balls that damage entities in a small area, reduce their speed, and cause blindness on players.
  • Homing Wand: Shoots projectiles that chase random entities, damaging them upon contact.
  • Fire Wand: Inflicts fire damage and sets enemies on fire for a long time.
  • Glass Shard Wand: Shoots glass shards forward, damaging enemies and causing a weakness effect.
  • Life Drain Wand: Drains nearby enemies' health and speed, damaging and slowing them.
  • Earthquake Wand: Causes a quake, damaging and knocking back enemies constantly in a wide area.
  • Thunder Wand: Conjures lightning bolts on a large area, dealing greater damage than vanilla lightning bolts.
  • Ice Wand: Creates ice cubes that deal damage and break after a short duration, dealing higher damage.
  • Black Hole Wand: Launches a black hole forward, drawing close nearby enemies and damaging them over time.

How to get wands

To obtain and use these wands in the game, you'll first need to acquire Magic Essence, which serves as the core item for crafting magical items. You can craft Magic Essence using the recipe provided. Once you have Magic Essence, you can use it to view all the recipes on the Magic Table. After crafting the desired wand, you can equip it and use its abilities by interacting with it. Each wand has its own unique abilities, cooldowns, and effects, so experiment with them to discover their full potential.

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