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Choose your character's origin at the beginning of every game in Minecraft to receive both good and bad traits. In some RPGs, you can choose an origin when you create a character, which influences the attributes he starts with. Among 24 origins, there are many that completely change the way you should approach the game. Let's explore one instance when while playing a Merling, you can only breathe underwater and can't go on the surface. What are you going to do to gather resources, take a bucket of water with you?

Credits: ShadowSharkPVP




Blazerborn race bonuses

Blazerborn fireball

All origins and their traits

+ N/A
- N/A

+ Slow Falling
+ Double Jump
- Can’t eat meat

+ Can climb
+ Can web people around them
- Can only eat meat

+ Can glide
+ Launch yourself upward
- 1.5x fall damage
- weakness
- Can't wear chestplates

+ Can randomly teleport around
+ Resistance
- Slowness
- Can’t wear helmets

+ Creepers are afraid of you
+ No fall damage
+ Jump boost while sprinting
- Weakness & Slowness in water
- 9 hearts

+ Enderman are your friends
+ You can teleport around
- You take damage in water

+ You can breathe and see underwater
+ You can swim fast and can break blocks underwater with ease
+ Spawns with a bottle that lets you breathe on land for a short period
- You can’t breathe air
- 2x fire damage

+ Fire/Lava immunity
+ Heals in Fire/Lava
+ Can shoot fireballs
- You take damage in water
- 8 hearts

+ Speed
+ Can go invisible and visible at will
- You burn in daylight

+ Super speed
+ Can high jump, increased damage while in air
- Very Hungry

+ Shrink instead of dying (once)
+ Eat slimeball to grow
+ Can super bounce
- Weakness & hunger while small
- Slow

+ Night Vision & Speed
+ Can leap into the air and slowly fall back down
+ When you die, you release all your built-up celestial power, releasing a massive explosion
- 2x Fire/Lava damage

+ Quarter of a block tall
+ You can climb
+ You can eat sugar for a 6-12 seconds of speed (stacks)
- You only have 5 hearts

+ You have a nectar bar that fills up around flowers, once filled, you can create honey
+ You can fly
- You gain weakness and cannot fly in the water

+ Increased reach distance unless crouching
+ Can fly
+ Has strength
+ 0.7 blocks tall
- Hunger when flying
- Vegetarian

+ Stand still for 8 seconds to give everyone around you blindness, weakness, slowness, and mining fatigue
+ Crouch for 3 seconds to give everyone around you regeneration resistance, haste, and night vision
+ Every 20 seconds you gain a random positive effect
- You have 4 less hearts
- You are slow and weak
- After getting hit it will reset your abilities

+ You have speed 4
+ You never get hungry
+ you can set entities around you on fire every 30 seconds
+ only 1.5 blocks tall
- Take way more fall damage
- You take more fire damage
- only 7 hearts and are weak

+ You are invulnerable to all potion effects
+ Crouch to regain health
+ You can milk yourself and be milked
- Vegetarian
- Weak

+ No fall damage
+ Can leap forward
- Vegetarian

+ Can swim fast
+ Has thorns
- Slower on land
- Mining fatigue

+ Has regeneration
+ Can crouch and jump every 30 seconds to heal everyone around you
- Nausea and Hunger after using the ability

+ Night vision in dark areas
+ 1.5 blocks tall
+ Haste
+ Strength in dark areas
+ Raw meat gives more saturation
- Can only eat meat
- Cooked meat gives less saturation
- Blindness, weakness, and mining fatigue in bright areas
- 5 hearts
- Can’t use shields

+ 5 more hearts
+ Natural Resistance
+ Can swim fast
- Slowness 1 on land
- You need to eat constantly


/function check displays each online persons Origin
/function help displays a list of all the Origins+ commands
/function reset.all resets everyone's origin
/function reset.self resets your origin

How to install addons:
  1. Download the addon straight from your device
  2. Find and open the .mcpack or .mcworld files that you download earlier
  3. Click on it to start importing into Minecraft Pocket Edition
  4. Open the game
  5. Create a new world or edit an existing world
  6. Scroll down to the Add-ons section and select the ones you want to apply
  7. Make sure to enable all "Experimental gameplay" features in Settings

Edited: 29.04.24
Reason: Updated format version to 1.20.80

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  1. Jose
    Why does every character realease tnt when they die?
    1. Ella Shade
      i dont know what u getting but that never happens to me and i have had this pack sences its firts few relases!
  2. Herobrine Noch
    Seems fun
    Can’t wait to play it

    I don’t work
    1. Herobrine Noch
      *it don’t work
      1. brand
        *It doesn't work
    2. cool
      it works you need an expirimental world https://fmcpe.com/mods/1131-hero-origins.html this works but you can search up just incase you think this is a virus
      1. Ella Shade
        it works without an expermit world, u need to active in game expermints!
  3. Jhieross john abujen
    How to open inventory??
    1. makeandnike3
      e if you are on computer
    2. Edgeofskull
      U need to press e on ur keyboard or go in the settings and go change ur bind
  4. Dominick Ligon
    boy it dont work
  5. Emmelyn Tyler
    This mod does not work. I tried all the commands and they are not working.
  6. mu
    it used to work for me now it does not
  7. aSh1is2Emo3
    I am a person that Loves to play video games all the time. Or test other games that would be amazing or terrible.
  8. Guest Shadow
    It doesn't work when i try and download it
    1. Guest Shadow
      The commands dont work when i do /function help it says invalid command.
  9. elements
    why can't I scroll the roll menu?
  10. Mount
    Guys pra quem acha que não funciona é simples, é só vcs irem no (mcpedl) e instalar o mod logo após abrir o Mine e ir nas configurações e recursos, lá adiciona como se fosse textura, quando vc for criar o mundo ativa os experimentais e todas as opções abaixo, e add os recursos de comportamento e textura do mesmo mod no mapa, aí vai carregar no seu mapa e é só jogar. ;).
  11. Fix
    The reason its not working is because you guys arnt in experimental mode every mod works on experimental
  12. Ella Shade
    I enjoy this origin mod very much but it needs a update know for1.20.71 the latest update to Minecraft has broke the mod not showing the opening screen and leaving the player invisible! I enjoy the mod other wise! I also love using it with friends and on my first let's play series!
    1. Ella Shade
      thank your for the update!!!
  13. Ella Shade
    Ok honestly dont know whats up with all you guys, it works perfectly fine! You need o activate expermints, and the only thing different is that u don't have 9 hot bar keys u have 8 sences the 9th is used to open the setting, the /function commands dont work that is true but everything else does, also as it minecraft updates sometimes it effects the pack!
  14. ilikehotcheetos
    how do u get the origin it didn't happen when i first got into the game!?!
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