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Experiment 8 addon

Experiment 8 is an addon that tells the story of a company that created a virus turning all living creatures into infected ones. Mobs such as cows, chickens, pigs, and villagers will become subjects to the virus, transforming into bloodthirsty abominations. They will create nests and breed rapidly to increase their numbers and spread the disease further. Now, when you explore the world, there will always be one more problem to deal with. However, you can ease your survival using an assault rifle or flamethrower added by the addon, both of which are especially effective against the infected.

Credits: DodoFilms

Experiment 8 parasites:
  • Living Flesh Nest
  • Infected Human
  • Rare Infected
  • Common Infected
  • Infected Spider
  • Infected Co
  • Infected Zombie
  • Friendly Creeper

Abandoned car and zombies

Infected Humans

Infected pigs and infected nests spawning monsters

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