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Weapons and Tools addon

This addon brings over 300 new weapons and tools to Minecraft, including daggers, scythes, longswords, combat shovels, maces, lumberjack axes, sickles, slingshots, and double-bladed swords. Each weapon has its own unique stats and abilities, making combat in Minecraft more diverse and exciting.

Credits: XLite


Daggers: Daggers are great for fast-paced combat due to how quick and agile they are. They deal less damage than other weapons but make up for it with speed and precision. Daggers can be used to attack enemies quickly or to finish them off when they're low on health.

Scythes: Thanks to their wide arc and sweeping motion, scythes are perfect for taking out groups of enemies at once. Longer reach definitely will have its advantages, but the slowness of the attacks has to be kept in mind.

Jian's diamond amethyst sword

Longswords: Longswords can be a great all-around weapon. With decent damage and a moderate swing speed, it makes them a good choice for most situations.

Combat Shovels: Unconventional but effective, combat shovels are great for surprise attacks. They deal decent damage and can be used to dig through dirt and gravel quickly.

Barbed mace

Maces: Maces are great for breaking through armor and shields. They have a much slower-than-average swing but can easily break through enemy defenses. Another usage of maces is breaking through walls and other obstacles, which makes them useful for exploring dungeons and caves.

Lumberjack Axes: Lumberjack axes are another example of a dual-purpose tool. Gathering wood with such an axe is a pleasure, but slashing through enemies feels even better.

Double bladed sword

Double-Bladed Sword: With two blades instead of one, double-bladed swords are great at dealing massive damage. None of the enemies will be able to dodge those blades but be careful not to cut yourself.

Giant mace


Sickles: Similar to scythes, sickles are great for taking out groups of enemies at once. They have a shorter reach than scythes, but they're faster to swing. Sickles can be used to quickly harvest crops and flowers, making them useful for farming as well.

Slingshots: Slingshots are perfect for taking out enemies from afar. Damage-wise, they are worse than other ranged weapons but can be fired quickly and silently. Slingshots can also be used to activate buttons and switches from a safe distance.


Overall, this addon adds a lot of variety to Minecraft combat, with each weapon having its own unique strengths and weaknesses. Whether you prefer fast-paced attacks or heavy-hitting power, there's a weapon for every playstyle.

Activate all Experimental gameplay features in the world's Settings.

Edited: 22.01.24
Reason: Added Kri and Kaso weapons

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