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PHX's Tools & Weapons addon

PHX's Tools & Weapons addon adds a variety of new items that can be utilized in combat or to perform daily tasks effectively. New tools often have increased efficiency compared to vanilla ones; for instance, they are capable of collecting multiple blocks at once. To balance things out, crafting the new items will be expensive and complicated. You will first need to find a blueprint for the desired item, either from bonus chests or by buying from traders, and you will also need a tool handle. But it will all pay off in the end when you slice through multiple zombies at once with your cool-looking Diamond Longsword.

Credits: Phoenix¹³ OFC [🇧🇷]

The addon adds new tools and weapons designed for various tasks:

  • Lumberaxe is especially effective for tree cutting.
  • Pulaski is good for versatile mining and cutting.
  • Hammer and Excavator are designed for efficient area mining and digging.
  • Sickle is perfect for farming and combat.
  • Dagger, Longsword, and Scythe can be used for diverse combat styles.
  • The Miner Helmet offers practical utility for mining.


Iron Scythe

Miner's Helmet and Long Sword

Excavator tool

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