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The End dimension upgrade

The End dimension is one of those places in Minecraft that need the upgrade ASAP. Wherever you look, it is just a vast yellow desert all the way, completely lifeless too. Now we have an opportunity and an obligation to shake things up with the Endless Void addon. Explore endless content starting with three new biomes, five new mobs, a couple of structures, and an armor set.

Credits: Azonix Team

Endless Void addon

I've never enjoyed exploring the End before, primarily due to its dull landscape. My feelings changed drastically when I got this addon installed, though. Unfortunately, this addon utilizes player.json, a fact that I know some of you may not be happy about.

The End dimension update

New mobs for The End

New biomes in The End

Install all three files and enable Experimental gameplay features in your world's Settings.

Edited: 26.02.24

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