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Download Minecraft PE 1.19.30 APK

Minecraft PE - is a game of endless possibilities when it comes to its core gameplay, you don't need a storyline to play it over and over again. Over the last ten years, the game received an enormous amount of content: new blocks, mobs, and features. You can design and build any complex structure and crazy mechanism that can come to your mind. I mentioned a few of the many reasons why you should download Minecraft PE 1.19.30 for your Android, iOS, or any other device.

Some features:
  • Almost infinite, 3D procedurally generated world that is different each time.
  • A huge amount of mods, maps, and skins for the game.
  • A lot of different activities include exploration, resource gathering, crafting, and combat.
  • Different game modes: Survival, Adventure, Creative, Multiplayer.
  • Play with your friends on private, modded, or local servers.
  • Play it on any modern device and share one world between them.
  • A friendly and massive community of players.
  • And much more.

MCPE 1.19.30 is a perfect game for mobile devices, as it's not going to push you to buy a lot of stuff in-game. It almost has no difference in comparison to the PC version of the game.

Download Minecraft PE 1.19.30 APK

You can still enjoy regular content updates and install mods, maps, and other user-generated content to boost replayability. The latest update features a rework of villages, adds wandering traders, shields, and pillagers - who will not make your journey easier.

Minecraft will cost you a bit of money - $5 or so, but it really pays off after many hours spent in this world.

How to install:
  • Download and run .apk file below
  • Be sure that BlockLauncher and Minecraft are of the same version
  • Enable app installs from Unknown sources in Settings, if needed

Minecraft PE free analogs

Now, those games are not a complete ripoff of the original game, but they look much alike. The dealbreaker here is that they are free to download, even though they do have microtransactions and/or annoying pop-out ads.

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  1. Mann Thakrar 1111
    This is very nice game
    1. HAMZA
      Nasıl yükleniyor yükle butonu yok
  2. Mann Thakrar 1111
    This is very nice game
  3. Mahmoud Hamadi
    I want Minecraft because my friend has Minecraft and I don't have it.
  4. Juninhoror
    Cool now i can download for free
    1. Chris
      How to download that xan you pls tell me 👁👄👁
      1. bgfvt5rndijrktfdfk rltfbgt
        here hint! press download it really work
      2. Guest Name
        Press download
      3. Swapnil
        Super......... Duper.......... Hit.
    Bende Pakette sorun var diyor kankiler
    1. DEADLORD810
      Kek nedeni senin cihazınının kaldırmamasından kaynaklı yeni bir cihaz alman gerekli. :,(
    PC version please whit licence T-T
    1. Zahnerej
      Fr it dont work 👁👄👁
      1. AMBGPRO
        This is a very good game but I can't download it
    2. DEADLORD810
      Ben yaptım kek istiosan tekno lokum video sunu çekti ama ben denedim yapamadım onu başka bir tanesinde denedim online bile oynayabiliyorum.
    3. Da Axel
      Does it works after sign up to play multiplayer with friends?
      1. Op
        Yes you can! it is free
        1. Op
          its dumb i cant download it
      2. Da Axel
        ugh it does not work

        sooo weird lol whatever
  7. Qaisara Marissa Binti Abdullah
  8. Guest Dream
  9. Martin Paredes
    Bueno esta aplicación me parece muy buena ya que se pueden instalar muchos diversidad de cosas
  10. Emanuel
    Hola realmente funciona gracias
  12. Lovepree
    This is very nice game
  13. Abdias Cruz Perez
    Minecraft es un juego que me gusta mucho y quiero seguir jugandolo
  14. Christine07
    How to download please help me
  15. mof_ren
    Lo descargue hace bastante y todo bien, quise instalar la actualizacion y esta corrupto el archivo o me dice "aplicacion no instalada" :(
  16. Jordan
    ya im going to play
  17. Samart jain
    Nice game mc pe.
  18. AKBAR
    tidak bisa didownload linknya scam
  19. mohammad bandhani
    It is very good game
  20. Valerie Oscanoa Mayta
    Fan de Minecraft x siempre 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤩🤩🤩🥳🤩🥳🥳
  21. mcr484848

    free minecraft

    minecraft cracked
  22. 5up3r_d1n
    This​ crack cant join multiplayer
  23. Camila
    Solo me deja descargar la 1.17.11 intento descargar la 1.18.2 u otras versiones y me aparece que se produjo un error, si alguien sabe cómo arreglar eso o porque pasa lo agradezco =)
    pls help me how to downlod minecraft
  25. Stranger things
    I will play your link minecraft from 4 years,nice game free mode, no bugs,no lack, but one mysterious think is after few minecraft day villagers are dispone . It's very annoying thing.
    I am disappointed for this.plz fix this bug
    1. Kinhadam
      This bug is in official minecraft game. These guys cant fix it. They have promised to fix it in 1.19
  26. Pokhraj
    Mujhe ye game khelna hay
  27. Kinhadam
    Please upload 1.18.30
  28. MachoHawk580744
    pls i have a problem when i try to open it just stays on the lodeing srceen
  29. Sanjay
    I love minecraft but my deleted it
  30. Jão
    Jogo divertido vou jogalo bastante
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