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Bamboocraft addon

With the Bamboocraft addon, you will discover exciting new ways to utilize bamboo, creating a variety of tools, armor, and weapons. It all begins with crafting the extraordinary Bamboo table, which unlocks endless possibilities. From there, you can forge an elegant katana, capable of swift strikes and precise cuts, or wield a mighty hammer with enough power to smash multiple foes at once.

Credits: Denwih

Main features:
  • Humble Bamboo Hammer: A combat-focused hammer with a ground-pounding ability, dealing damage to nearby enemies and pushing them away (Cooldown: 15 seconds).
  • Stripped Humble Bamboo Hammer: Similar to the Humble Bamboo Hammer but with increased durability (Durability: 200, Cooldown: 12 seconds).
  • Bamboo Devastator Hammer: A powerful hammer with an extended ability range and higher damage, providing a devastating attack (Cooldown: 11 seconds).
  • Bamboo SlimBlade: A stylish sword with a special ability to deal high-damage strikes to enemies in a row (Cooldown: 9 seconds).
  • Bamboo Katana: A swift Katana with a speed-boosting ability for a limited time, leaving particle effects while moving (Cooldown: 30 seconds).
  • Bamboo Combat Stick: An item that grants extra strength and hearts temporarily, perfect for dangerous situations (Cooldown: 25 seconds).
  • Bamboo Armor: Craftable bamboo armor with a total protection of 4.5.
  • Reinforced Bamboo Armor: Upgraded bamboo armor with 6.5 protection, summoning a protective bamboo sentinel when fully equipped.
  • Bamboo Venom Sword: A sword inflicting a poison effect on attacked enemies.
  • Bamboo Primal Sword: A basic sword with easy crafting and moderate durability.
  • Sweet Bamboo Charm: An item to tame pandas, ride them, and use them as bodyguards or portable chests.
  • Tools: Various bamboo tools with the same damage and speed as stone versions, but with slightly higher durability.

Bamboo crafting table

Bamboo katana

Bamboo sword

Bamboo hammer special attack

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