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Advanced Combat addon

Advanced Combat aims to add a new layer of complexity to fights through the introduction of new weapons and special attacks. Each weapon occupies a specific niche in which it is most effective. Polearms are arguably the most effective in mounted combat, katanas in close quarters, and so on.

Credits: pixeleddoki

Katana air strike

Almost all weapons will have three types of attacks. The first attack type is pretty straightforward, it's your basic spammy blows. Then goes your special attack performed by a long tap. And the last one is a combo attack that is activated by going into Sneaking mode and making a long tap.

Giant sword's spinning attack

I really like the giant swords in this addon, they have a fantasy vibe to them. And wait till you see their special whirlwind attack, you'll be blown away.

Charging the saber

Buff your character's strength by charging the Saber's special.


Throw daggers like an assassin, or use them to cut your foes close by.


A spear is great for keeping the opponents in the distance. Or you can also use its special attack to charge enemies when they are least ready.


Katana unsheathing

Katana is a cool weapon that has this quick slashes and teleportation attacks. It also has cool unsheathing animation.

Make sure to activate all Experimental game features in your world's Settings.

Edited: 6.08.23
Reason: Exhaustion system revamped

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  1. Naruto Uzumaki
    I never had minecraft combat befor
    1. xxcoolgamerboysexychild69xx
      hi my name is jamal i am col
  2. your dead dad
    im in the milk universe
  3. Guest Jesse
    i just downloaded and installed this pack yesterday, the effects of holding the stone greatsword and hitting things was there, but the visuals were not, i could not see the weapons in my hand or in the crafting table. please update to 1.19.62
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