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Vanilla Tools addon

With the Vanilla Tools addon, you'll discover new ways to utilize excess resources to craft new sets of armor and tools. Unlock previously unseen possibilities, as wearing full sets of armor will grant your character serious benefits. Created by Lord Raiyon, this addon encapsulates many players' ideas that have culminated in this piece. Craft epic-looking armor and tools using only vanilla materials.

Credits: Lord Raiyon

The full list of new tools

  • Enderian Tools & Armor - sneaking in the jump saves your location, repeat the jump-sneaking thing to return to the location. Enderian tools attract nearby enemies with each hit.
  • Sculk Tools & Armor - a full set activates the Warden Sonic Explosion Attack when sneaking. Sculk tools have the highest stats among other tools.
  • Soul Tools & Armor - a full set ignites mobs attacking you. Soul tools slow down entities you are attacking.
  • Quartz Tools & Armor - wearing a full set allows sneaking to perform a ram attack like a goat. Mining a block or attacking a mob with quartz tools grants XP.
  • Amethyst Tools & Armor - while in full set provides the night vision effect. Amethyst tools are significantly faster than diamond tools but have moderately less durability.
  • Prismarine Tools & Armor - put on a full set to push back mobs attacking you. In water, increases max health and provides strength and water breathing effects.
  • Shulker Tools & Armor - a full set summons a shulker bullet for each hit received, protecting you.
  • Beehive Tools & Armor - for each hit received, summons a bee that protects you. Beehive tools will be poisoning mobs for a few seconds.

Vanilla Tools addon

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