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Sonic the Hedgehog addon

Sonic the Hedgehog-inspired addon brings back memories of simpler times and fun games people used to play back then. Just like Mario became a symbol for Nintendo, Sonic became one for SEGA. At a supersonic speed, a weirdly looking blue hedgehog swept over the complex levels hurrying to have his final fight with Eggman. Play as a Sonic in Minecraft, use his speeding abilities, and deal with iconic enemies.

Credits: ArathNidoGamer

Shadow, Amy Rose, Tails

You can become one of many characters that had an appearance in the original games. Not only will you look like them, but you will also inherit some of their features. Those characters are unlockable by buying skins from Cream the Rabbit NPC. The trader is bound to a new biome called Green Hill Zone, which mirrors one of the levels from the game.

Sonic the Hedgehog

When you wear a Sonic skin, your sprint makes the character spin and run at an enormous speed. Jumping capabilities also will be severely increased. In Tails' skin, you can fly even if you press the crouch button.

Vanilla The Rabbit, Moto bug, Crabmeat

Metal Sonic

Metal Sonic is one of two bosses you're going to be dealing with. Defeat him, and you'll get a Blue chaos emerald.


Fight with Eggman to receive Gray Chaos Emerald and Eggman's Drill.

Super Sonic crafting

Collect all eight emeralds and combine them together to become Super Sonic. Check out also this Sonic-style map, which will be great for testing out your new powers.

Edited: 25.01.24
Reason: Cosmo Sonic (Christmas cheer), Amy, Rattlesnake, Sonic Classic added

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