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Expansive Fantasy addon for Minecraft PE 1.16.1

Expansive Fantasy is an ambitious addon for MCPE that features dragon mounts and exotic creatures. Rise the dragon of chosen type from the egg to gigantic creature, that you will be able to mount on and fly. Hunt wild dragons for loot to craft powerful artifacts. Create your journey only at the end to face the ultimate boss - King of Dragons.

Credits: zahf22

Main features:

  • Fire wyvern, Ice wyvern, and Poison wyvern all spawn in a new hills biome.
  • You can loot dragon bodies by holding Orc's Axe, standing nearby, and pressing the "Loot" button.
  • Dragons Eggs will hatch only on specific blocks, and it takes two days of in-game time to mature.
  • Baby dragons can be tamed using salmon.
  • You can speed up the growing-up process by feeding baby dragon with salmon.
  • To ride on a dragon, you need to craft a Dragon saddle - more info on how to do it you can find below.
  • Orcs and Orc Captain is what makes the addon called fantasy.
  • Sea Serpent - a non-flying creature that lives in the deep waters.
  • Angler Fish - is another water creature that drops a key needed to start trade relations with Orcs.
  • Dracolyte Forge - a crafting table for new armor and weapons.
  • New biomes: Scorched lands, Frostbitten biome, Toxic biome.
  • Dragon armor
  • Pegasus wings - elytra analog.

Expansive Fantasy addon for Minecraft PE 1.16.1

As you can see on the screenshot, you should place dragon eggs on a platform made of particular blocks. Those blocks are new - you can found them in new biomes featured in the addon. It will take roughly 15 minutes of real-time to hatch a dragon egg.

Infant dragons can be tamed using Salmon - once they grow up, you'll be able to put on a saddle on them and fly.

How to control a dragon during flight

Mount on your dragon, now switch him to Fly mode using a special button. To ascend - look up, to descend - look down. You can disable Fly mode on the ground to be able to look around without risk of accidentally flying away.

You can shoot fireballs while riding a dragon by holding a Blaze Rod and smashing the "Shoot" button.

In order to craft a Dragon saddle, you will need 2 strings, 2 leather, 2 iron bars, and Dragon scale. The last ingredient in the list is the hardest to get, Dragon scale can be acquired only by killing dragons.

Pegasus wings - which is item allowing you to fly for a limited amount of time, can be crafted out of 8 pegasus feathers and 1 phantom membrane.

How to install addons:
  1. Download addon straight from your device
  2. Find and open .mcpack or .mcworld files that you download earlier
  3. Click it to import into Minecraft Pocket Edition
  4. Open the game
  5. Create a new world or edit an existing world
  6. Scroll down to Add-ons section and select the ones you want to apply
  7. Make sure to enable "Experimental gameplay" in Settings

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  1. TheGamerFox56
    I think there may be a problem with this mod. It is an amazing mod, I love it, but I can't seem to find the added biomes, scales, weapons, ect. The only thing I've gotten from this mod is the mobs. I have an Alienware 17inch laptop. Is it my device, or is it the mod?

    I've noticed there's no comments or likes/dislikes whatsoever. If the problem I've been having is happening because this is a new mod, I can understand that. I've downloaded multiple mods that have had problems due to not being completely finished yet. I'd appreciate it very much if you could reply to my comment. Thank you.
    1. Milezov
      You may need to enable Experimental gameplay for your world if you've not done that. Sorry for the unclear instructions in the article. Everything seemed to work for me.
      1. Melo
        I only Got A Dragon armor and lodestone block
      2. someone using this mod
        Hi so experimental game play is off i don't understand if i was supposed to turn it on but i cant get a lot of things in the mod like the Pegasus feather please help me with that
        1. U^U
          You cant get lots of things outta creative , for the wings u need a wild pegasus to drop the feathers then craft wings
        2. That_DINO90
          It is supposed to be on!!
      3. Joshua
        What is the special button?
      4. KEYS
        can u do it on the nintendo switch in a regular world
      5. Aaron Lycan
        How do you enable experimental gameplay for Minecraft education edition???
        1. The Minecraft sensation
          You Cant .........................................................
          1. IDEKA....
            So you need to get the UI upgrade for mcpe to get experimental gameplay for Minecraft Education.
      6. Aaron Lycan
        How do you turn on experimental gameplay?
    2. NoU8445
      Hello gamer fox! So if youre in creative and do ?give @s. you'll find all the items you need and you need to go further to see the new biomes. And make sure you have Experimental gameplay turned on in Settings
    3. Ava
      You can also use command /give and your username
    4. hi
      download the addon on mcpeld
    5. pls
      how do i install
      1. Guest Anonymous
        you click download and double click after exiting out of minecraft.
    6. Dark_hunter
      Hey bud I got everything in the mod just use experimental gameplay.. It will make Ur game better
      Try it have everything in the mod and enjoy 😁😁
    7. Random_person
      You have to look further to find the biomes and I suggest no seeds.
      The special blocks cannot be earned in creative unless you find the biomes and middle click.
    8. crazy_frog
      same thing happend to me when i was playing.
    9. Guest king
      ew ew ew furry ew
  2. Pugapoo
    i have been have a problems with everything but the mobs i also cant find the biomes and i also cant get the scales or feathers so if you could fix this problem i would much appreciate it :)
  3. David morris
    how do you fly
    1. Bulbasaur MC
      press the jump button and Look up to go down look down
  4. Devilicious

    Seems to run fin in survival and creative but it wont upload to my realm it keeps throwing a error, any ideas? i tried to pregenerate the map in single play and upload aswell as using the create in realms option neither worked :(

    Also i can add the mod after the map is generated but it seems to not generate biomes and most of the mobs except the serpents.

    Nice mod tho

  5. jon33246
    Excuse me zahf22, can you try doing an skateboard mod?
  6. JonathanA
    I can’t download the mod, anybody else have this problem?
    1. Noob
      I cant get it either, its really weird because I got it once but my animations and the dragons were messed up🤔
  7. Joseph Mahendaren
    this is another level
  8. Noah Points
    How do I tame a wyvern?
    1. Daniel
      1. dragonslayer
        you can summon in a tamed dragon/wyvern with this comand
        /summon ck:black_dragon_tamed_male
        /summon ck:wyvern_tamed_male
        i hope my asistens is helpfull

        u can tame a dragon by doing a comand
        /summon ck:black_dragon:tamed_male
        /summon ck:wyvern_tamed_male
        /summon ck:wyvern_baby (use salomon to tame)
        1. rose
          you have to give the raw fish or meat
  9. Katsuki Bakugo
    How do you know when you found the new biomes?
  10. dragon slayer
    is there a command to get the new blocks added and what is the command if there is one
    1. dragon slayer
      allso if ur on pc is there a way to use the fire shooting ability???
  11. Eli
    i didn't get the blocks to hatch a dragon egg
  12. Guest DayDaymune
    how do i tame the griffin?
  13. Anthony Etheredge
    i really wan't this add on
  14. e
    lol i am on education edition and it works fine somehow

    the only problem i have is the biomes and the blocks to hatch dragons.
    1. Capsule
      same bro this website is where u can get mods for education and some other stuff
  15. Aaron Jones
    where are the blocks i need to use to hatch the egg? I'm on education edition as well.
  16. sussy baka
    my wyvern wouldnt fly
    1. rose
      You have to press space and look up and down
  17. Kenny
    The mod is really good but .In my worlds the griffin spawns way to often and sometimes i have to kill them so that will no longer be on my roof and the pegasus also spawns too often
  18. Abigail Lawrence - CEM Student
    I can´t find the special blocks and can´t find a dragon nest.
    1. Aaron
      same with me
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