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Wyverns addon

Add Wyverns into Minecraft PE as a new type of companion or a flying mount. Wyverns and Dragons are most definitely related species, although they have some distinctions. On the surface lies the fact that most dragons have four limbs, while wyverns have their front limbs attached to the wings, making them similar to pterodactyls. They also have different characters, with Wyverns being less intelligent and more bestial in behavior.

Credits: SystemTv

Taming a baby wyvern

In the game, you will come across different elemental types of wyverns like fire, ender, poison, ice, and earth. Depending on the type they have specific effects in fights. When you slay a Wyvern there is a 10% chance to spawn an egg. It will hatch after some time, and a newborn wyvern will emerge.

Flying on mount

I must point out that you can tame Wyverns only in a baby stage. Feed them with some raw beef, and then some more after, to make them grow faster. Don't forget to put a saddle on your Wyvern before you try to mount it. Jump and look up sitting on your mount to gain altitude.

Wyvern types

Nether wyvern

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