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Beyond the Underground addon

Beyond the Underground is an expansion of the cave generation diversity with new biomes in MCPE. Below some of the biomes in the world, unique types of caves will now appear. Explore them to find new mobs, structures, vegetation, blocks, and loot. It brings cave exploration much closer to the above-ground experience, making it a more pleasant process.

Credits: HonKit26113

New biomes list and where to find them

Luminous Caverns: can be found under Mushroom Islands. The biome is lush with Giant Luminous and Gloomy Mushrooms, Radiant Vines, and normal-sized mushrooms. It is there where Luminite Ore can be found, an ingredient to craft powerful gear.
Slimy Sewers: is located under Swamps. It is a very dangerous place covered with slime and all kinds of sticky vegetation.
Limestone Caves: spawns under Deserts. Many dangerous mobs dwell there, like Scorpions or Skeletons.
Ice Caves: can be found under cold biomes. A unique artifact weapon called Bane of Frost is imprisoned here. But beware of Frost Spirits lurking around the corner when you search for it.
Soul Caverns: you must venture to the Nether to find this biome. Get into clashes with Lava Tanks and loot Soul Castles for great loot.

Beyond the Underground addon

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