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Minecraft Overhaul addon

Minecraft Overhaul addon is a monumental work on implementing new ideas to the game, things long forgotten, and quality-of-life features. Reading the full list of the changes would be equal to reading all three parts of Lord of the Rings, it's so big. The addon is aimed at those who got bored and want to spice it all up a bit, and we all come to that point eventually. So get Minecraft Overhaul and get ready to meet new mobs, discover interesting places, collect unknown ores, and craft peculiar items.

Credits: TheBestGamerEver

New ores

New Blocks and Crafting Recipes:

  • Hardened Honeycomb: Crafted by combining 2 Honeycomb and 2 Bricks or by smelting a normal Honeycomb block in a furnace.
  • Calcite: A new rock similar to Granite or Andesite, usable for crafting stairs, slabs, walls, and polished variants.
  • Strata: A new rock found in Badlands, available in slabs, stairs, and walls.
  • Barrel Cactus: A new plant in Deserts and Beaches, growable into a full-sized cactus or smelted for green dye.
  • Palm Trees: Decorative feature in Deserts and Beaches, providing wood for various structures.
  • Permafrost: A slippery ice block found in snowy biomes, crafted with Ice Shavings.
  • Icebolt Staff: Crafted with Ice Shavings and a Mithril Ingot, fires icebolts creating frost spikes.
  • Frost Bite: A new dangerous enemy in snowy biomes, faster and deadlier than normal spiders.
  • Bamboo Blocks: New bamboo-related blocks - Crossed Bamboo, Checkered Bamboo, Tiled Bamboo.
  • In the Warped Forests, a new ore type called Uranium has been introduced. It generates infrequently below y level 70 and can be mined with an Iron Pickaxe or better to yield Uranium Powder. This powder can be used to create a Uranium block, a decorative Pulstone block, or a destructive explosive called Tunneler when combined with Iron Ingots and Diamonds.
  • The End has new blocks like Chorus Sod, Chorus Morass, Chorus Shoots, and Waft Fruit.

New blocks

the Necromancer mob

New Mobs:

It's always exciting to meet a new foe, that you have to adapt your tactics to. All of the mobs will have special moves that will force you to think of ways to get around them.
  • Illusioner: Ported from Java edition, spawns in Boscage Hideouts, has unique behaviors, and drops emeralds and arrows.
  • Stained Vessels: Found in Badlands biomes, similar to Husks but inflicts weakness, and drops red sand.
  • Camels: Spawn in deserts and badlands, drop Camel Pelt and meat, and can be found in chests in desert villages.
  • Roxens: Fast and dangerous mobs in lush caves, drop Rusted Horns, related to Goats and share crafting recipes.
  • Meet the Snare, a small creature in forests, which can be tamed and produces Green Dye.
  • Necromancer: Rarely spawns in Soul Sand Valley, summons skeletons and wither skeletons.
  • Moving to the Warped Forests, a new mob named the Pest has been added. These creatures are fast, can teleport, and will harm unarmored players.
  • Both Warped and Crimson Forests now have Wart Crushers, hostile creatures found in each type of forest. They chase down players, climb blocks, and swim through lava, inflicting different deadly effects on hit.
  • Chorus Sod and Chorus Morass lead to the introduction of Chorus Snails, which can be bred and ridden. They drop Popped Chorus Fruit and sometimes a Chorus Shell, used to brew Potions of Resistance.

Ender Golem

Quality of Life features:

Improve your day-to-day gaming experience with QoL features. These changes will make your Minecraft life easier.
  • A small extra feature for these forests: Hoglins will drop their own meat now, a unique Hoglin meat.
  • A new feature addresses the frustration of rare items burning in lava or fire. Certain items, including Blaze Rods, Wither Skeleton Skulls, and more, are now fire and lava-resistant.
  • Honeycombs can be turned into Crystallized Honey, a tasty treat for health regeneration.
  • Dripstone blocks now have polished, brick, and mossy variants.
  • Drowned now drop Trident Pieces, combined with Prismarine Shards and a Heart of the Sea to create tridents.
  • Husks and Drowned drop Smouldering Flesh and Sunken Flesh, respectively.
  • Brew all addon potions into splash versions for convenient group effects.
  • Mossy Cobblestone and Moss Blocks now add charm to forests and cherry groves.
  • Unique loot tables for fishing in different biomes, including cave biomes and the End.

New tree

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