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Mystic - 29 addon pack

Mystic is a collection of the best fantasy-themed addons brought together to deliver the ultimate Minecraft PE adventure. This addon pack reshapes the world in every aspect. Walk through forests of towering newly generated trees, with towers and dungeons hidden among the trunks and vegetation. Battle mighty foes never before seen and equip yourself with powerful loot. Hundreds of new items will provide you with the strength to conquer this world. I highly recommend this addon pack for RPG fans and veteran Minecraft players who are looking to add some freshness to their experience.

Credits: Gibbs_Mc

Key features of the addon

  • 29 selected addons that will enhance the gameplay.
  • New Magical Items, Weapons, and Armor to wield against the dangers of the world.
  • Various structures to discover scattered throughout the game world.
  • New Monsters and Creatures like Dragons, Beasts, Undead, humanoids, and powerful bosses like the Spider Monarch and Queen Spider.
  • Difficulty Customization is available between Easy, Hard, and Hardcore modes, each offering different challenges and experiences.
  • A wide array of Magical tools and Artifacts, including staffs that cast elemental spells, rings that confer potion effects, wands for summoning, tomes for summoning allies or binding enemies, and scrolls for casting powerful spells.
  • Utilize Magic mirrors to teleport back to spawn at the expense of experience levels, with different types of mirrors varying in level depletion.
  • Discover and craft with New materials like Copper, Mithril, Argent, Drake Bone, and Amethyst, each offering unique properties and upgrades.

Mystic - 29 addon pack

The list of addons used in the pack

  • Spry Conquest by Fred Grimm/GrimmWasTaken
  • Atlas: Trees/Flourishing Trees by Happy1speed
  • Natural Structures by Fallen-Toast
  • Dungeons Expanse by SyKoSoFi, WarHead, ExDrill, Mr. Sense, and KekeCreations
  • Ender Awakening by IKorban
  • More Simple Structures by IKorbon
  • End Expansion by Goggled Gecko
  • Fantastic Creatures by KryzeDev and Alevz
  • Minecraft: Nether Expansion by Mr. Mastery
  • Vanilla Foods Plus by PixelForge
  • Brad's Mobs by Brad Is Cool 69
  • Turkey Add-On by The gibberish one and Spicy Shelduck
  • Magic Bag by Byronjvh
  • Red's More Structures by Redstone games
  • AI and Animations by Redstone games
  • Baguette's Structures by Baguette Creations
  • Rotten Creatures by Petergamer XD
  • Player Corpse by XxPoggyisLitxX
  • Extended Amethyst by Vadcon
  • Tremors Addon by Your old friend TNT
  • Magicraft Spictra by SPICTRA
  • Happy's Magic Mirror by Happy Cannon
  • Simply Battle Towers by GabGamer649
  • Creeper Overhaul by Dexten Mods
  • Haunted Armor by William Sixteen
  • Night Siege by Chu' O Coffee
  • Flourishing Fauna by Mr_Mouthington
  • Lifesteal Addon by GamerDos

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