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Mo'Dungeons addon

Mo'Dungeons is a Minecraft addon that introduces new dungeons, weapons, armor, and tools to the game. The addon features several unique types of dungeons with distinct themes, enemies, and loot. Players can explore the Dwarven, Nether, and Ice Dungeons, each with their own challenges and rewards.

Credits: PegasusLighty

Dwarves, Pegasus and other magical creatures

In addition to new dungeons, the addon introduces a variety of powerful weapons. Get yourself the Lightning Staff, which summons lightning bolts from the sky to strike hostile mobs within a 20 block radius. Or summons zombies and skeletons to fight on your side using the Necromancer Staff of Undead Living.

New armor sets and weapons

Several new armor sets are also included in Mo'Dungeons. One of them would be Dwarven armor, which can only be crafted in a Dwarven forge using Dwarven ingots. To obtain these ingots, players must first smelt Iron ingots into Refined Iron ingots and then, using a Dwarven hammer, forge a final product. The forge can only be obtained from Dwarven Traders that can be found in the wild.

Floating dungeons

Evil tower

The Bone armor can be crafted with bones, while Rubedite and Soul armor can be obtained by smelting Rubedite or Soul ore found while mining.


Activate all Experimental gameplay options.

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