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More to Explore addon

More to explore is an addon with a simple idea in mind, when a player beats the game he wants more. And more content you'll get in the form of new mobs, items, and even some structures to explore. In some regards, this addon is similar to Better on Bedrock.

Credits: melonmasteristaken

Includes various illager types with distinct abilities:
  • Illager Miner: TNT strapped to its back.
  • Reaver: Particularly dangerous in the water.
  • Illager Guard: Guards illager territory, attacks from a distance, and uses a sword up close.
  • Tinkerer: Creates sinister contraptions.


  • Illager Airship: Droppes TNT and poses a destructive threat.
  • Illager Contraption: Complex redstone contraptions designed to confuse and harm players.
  • End Explorer: An illager exploring the End dimension.

Piglin Hunters

The Piglins:
  • Meet different piglin types with unique abilities, such as the Piglin Hunter and Piglin Crusher.
  • The Piglin Scavenger throws poisonous mushrooms and explodes when attacked.

New villager types

The Villagers:
Villagers will be obedient sheep coming to their downfall no more. They've learned how to fight with a sword and bow to protect themselves from the pillage.

Cursed Captain

Other Entities:
Animals, golems, and additional mobs contribute to the gameplay experience.

New outfits and swords

  • Several new weapons are added, such as the Broadblade and Cutlass.
  • Purpur-based tools and flaming Nether tools are among the weaponry.
  • Etorine ingots, mined from the End, are used in crafting.

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  1. melonmasteristaken
    Dude, give credit to me! I’m the real maker of this addon!
    1. melonmasteristaken
      Bean plus is another guy :/
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