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SERP Pokédrock Gen 3 - Pokemon addon

SERP Pokédrock is one of the biggest Pokemon addons for Minecraft PE (Bedrock) that ever existed - let's look at what it has to offer. Just for starters, the addon features about 150 pokemon - shiny versions and evolutions included. All gameplay from the original Pokemon games was carefully transferred into Minecraft. Craft Pokeballs, catch Pokemon, collect all shiny versions, and evolve your monsters with candies.

Credits: Zacek el Serpentín

Main features:

  • Team Rocket grunts can be defeated to get a Combat Insignia
  • Villagers now trade addon-related items for Pokecoins and Combat Insignias.
  • Pokedex - an item that can be used on a Pokemon to look for his stats.
  • Bike - a transport.
  • Berry trees - the main source of fruits and candies that are used for evolution.
  • Mulch - used to speed up the process of growing Berry trees.
  • Evolution rock - a mineral that spawns in caves and drops four evolution stones.
  • Healing machine - can heal your wounded pokemon.
  • PC storage - a place to store your pokemon collection, can be opened up with a Trainer Card only.
  • Mega Evolution stone - used to perform a mega evolution of pokemon.
  • Bowl of rare candies - used for pokemon evolution.
  • Apricorn trees - grows apricorns that are used in the crafting process of Pokeballs. There are 9 different types of apricorns.
  • Pokeball - a device for catching and storing Pokemon. There are several different types of Pokeball. Throw them into Pokemon, and if you're lucky - stars will appear.
  • You can ride some Pokémon. To do that - get the Pokeride, which costs 128 Pokecoins in the PC store!

Crafting Recipes

Starting a new world, you will get an item to summon Professor Oak. Speak to him, and interact with him, to receive your starting trainer kit.

Trading PC

PC Market - you can make exchanges with Pokecoins here.

Personal Laboratory

Fossilized rock - drops pokemon fossils, which can be studied at a Personal laboratory.


Pokéstop - randomly appears in the world, allowing you to get a visiting reward every once in a while. Interact with it, and once the bubbles show up - start popping it.

Rotomarket is a new portable device in the form of a tablet. The thing allows you to buy and sell stuff on the market. The device will actually follow you around if you're carrying a coin, Pokedex, or Poketreat.


Pokémon Center - a naturally generated building that you will be stumbling upon occasionally in the world. This is a safe zone where you can heal your Pokemon and rest.



Gen 2 Pokemon

Generation 2 of Pokemon is now here, in a separate add-on but fully compatible with the first generation. At the moment, not all Pokemon have been added, but it is due to be done in future updates. The difference between Gen 1 and Gen 2 is only in the Pokemon roster.

Gen 2 Pokemon

What's changed:

  • Gen 3 ver 1.0.1
  • New generation of Pokemon is coming.
  • Fully compatible with the first two generations.
  • Gen 2 ver 1.1.7
  • Slowking was added.
  • Heracross was added.
  • Miltank was added.
  • Moomoo Milk was added.
  • Battle texts were improved.
  • Charmeleon summon was fixed.
  • Miltank summon was fixed.
  • Evolve particles were improved.

How to install addons:
  1. Download the addon straight from your device
  2. Find and open the .mcpack or .mcworld files that you download earlier
  3. Click it to import it into Minecraft Pocket Edition
  4. Open the game
  5. Create a new world or edit an existing world
  6. Scroll down to the Add-ons section and select the ones you want to apply
  7. Make sure to enable all "Experimental gameplay" features in Settings

Edited: 25.02.24
Reason: SERP - Base update

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  1. Dipson
    I am very excited to play this mood I love pokemon
  2. peter
    will you add hypno to the next update?
  3. Playmaker
    Add greninja soon as long with the ash greninja transformation
  4. Joe mama
    Pls give me moneyyyyyy
  5. 뉴비
    나는 어떻게하는지 모르겠다 다운은 어디서받고 받으면 뭘 해야하나
  6. dylan huckeba
    Where do the base file, anime sounds, and generation machine files go? The resource and behavior packs have their own folders, but I don't know where to place the rest
    1. Guest Gabriel
      Have you figured this out yet? I'm having the same issue.
  7. David Burris love pickles
    On Minecraft EDU (education edition) u have to download all of them it takes a little bit but it is definitely worth it. This mod is AMAZING I LOVE it.😎😎😎
    1. Keith Carr
      yea it takes ahwile to download about like ~5 minutes
    2. atreyou
      this takes so long i just here duda
    3. zaza
      i cant find any pokeballs
    4. Andy
      like do u mean by every link posted above?
  8. Kaleb Porter
    i need help on education edition how do i switch my starter
    1. Nellie Shwarma
      Forget starters, why is it so hard to find anything except Sentret? There are literally MILLIONS.
    2. Guest Anonymous
      Shift + Right click
    3. Batman
      cant even get it to work when i got all the files
    4. demarcus-kevin
      what grade you in
    5. zaza
      how do i even get a starter?
  9. mcnugget
    where do you find mega shards

    how do you get the badge
    1. Pandora
      When will gen 3 come out?? Yea
  10. Hayden
    How Do I get pokeballs?
    1. Koko
      Same problem I have the tops and bottoms but the pokeballs I don’t have :(
      1. Syl
        button (stone)

        crafting table
        1. PokeMaster151
          It didn't work for me
  11. pokeman
    what reigon are you working on next and can you make galar slowpoke early
  12. Guest Shadow
    Hi creator! i love the mod and have been playing it around a year now, but im curious, could you add the Alola region? or some more water types and Eeveelutions? no rush though! take your time, i know how long it takes to make things like this.
  13. DJ
    hey does anyone know how ot trow the pokeballs cause for me it doesnt throw them with right click it starts to eat it not throw it
  14. Guest william
    it do not work
  15. Christopher Escobar
    The mod doesn't work at all You can't craft anything
  16. Kitty
    this isent woth it. it wont work.
  17. Juegos
    ``click to import it into minecraft´´ the most stupid thing i see in all tutorials cuz there is no fkkking this option on original minecraft of playstore no one says anything clear, and you really think how can become famous and more people use your stuff??? this happens only to a simple things good explained not like a vague.
  18. SandfruitTheHybrid
    its not working right for me, im playing edu and i cant even interact with the Pokemon or do anything a lot of items are missing and i cant seem to fix it can you maybe make a version for edu? one that doesn't need experimental game features please?
  19. Ryan Munsterman
    the base file is to big its 1.20.20
    my minecraft edu is 1.20.13 please help
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