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PokeBedrock addon

PokéBedrock is a Minecraft Bedrock addon that brings the world of Pokémon into Minecraft, offering players the opportunity to catch, train, and battle hundreds of monsters. It introduces a fully functional battle system and trading mechanics. The addon meticulously recreates the gameplay of the original games and the monsters themselves allowing you to experience it all in Minecraft.

Credits: Smell of curry

PokeBedrock addon

First steps with the PokéBedrock

Upon the first world load, you will be greeted with a screen prompting you to choose your first Pokémon. While your choice may not matter much as you catch more Pokémon, it can be crucial in the beginning stages of battles. You will have the opportunity to select from several iconic options for starting Pokémon from Gen 1. After making your choice, you can proceed to battle other Pokémon or attempt to catch them.

On the hotbar, you will see a small item that resembles a book. It's a GUI activation item that you should use immediately. Simply press sneak and tap to access the proper GUI. This same item will also be used on several other occasions, such as arranging fights between Pokémon. Other items that you may notice on the hotbar are Poké Balls, which are used to catch monsters, potions for healing, and candy.

Catch and manage Pokemon

To catch Pokémon, players craft various types of Pokéballs using materials found in the world, such as Apricorn Trees. Breaking these trees yields apricorns used to craft Pokéball lids, which are then combined to create Pokéballs. After battles, players can heal their Pokémon by locating and interacting with PokeCenters.

Healing machines within these centers restore Pokémon to full health, allowing players to continue their journey. NPC trainers spawn throughout the map, offering players the opportunity to battle them in Trainer Vs. Player battles. These battles are similar to wild Pokémon battles but with trainers using up to six Pokémon.

Players can battle each other by typing specific commands in the chat. Battles can be initiated and accepted, allowing for player-versus-player combat. Trade machines, found in PokeCenters and craftable, enable players to trade Pokémon with each other. Players can select Pokémon to trade and review the trade before finalizing it.

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