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Bioplentia addon

Discover the magic beauty of new biomes added by the Bioplentia addon. New biomes also mean - new content, including plants, animals, and even blocks. It's always very refreshing to find something new in the game you play for such a long time. Biomes will be generated naturally, but still, it's advised to create a new world to play with this addon.

Credits: _marcjones_

List of added biomes:
  • Cherry Blossom Grove
  • Dunes
  • Shattered Taiga
  • Coniferous Forest
  • Shrubland
  • Pumpkin fields
  • Bayou
  • Rainforest

Snowy Forest biome

Cherry Blossom Grove biome

Rainforest biome

Pumpkin fields biome

Coniferous Forest biome

How to install addons:
  1. Download addon straight from your device
  2. Find and open .mcpack or .mcworld files that you download earlier
  3. Click it to import into Minecraft Pocket Edition
  4. Open the game
  5. Create a new world or edit an existing world
  6. Scroll down to the Add-ons section and select the ones you want to apply
  7. Download and install mAPI
  8. Make sure to enable "Experimental gameplay" in Settings

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