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Magic Warfare addon

Magic Warfare addon for Minecraft PE introduces a magical world filled with various types of magic and skills. It comes with new dungeons and a few types of magic like Air Magic, Moon Magic, Shadow, or End Magic. Players can explore the world, take on challenging dungeon raids, and confront new mini-bosses using their magical abilities.

Credits: ZussmanKlint

Guild's Tower

Upon entering the world, a Guild's Tower is generated nearby with useful NPCs inside. To acquire magic, players can go to the top floor and consult the Archmage, who can also upgrade mana capacity. The area near the Guild's Tower is a safe zone where some magic can't be cast to prevent damage to the tower. The Guildmaster on the first-floor rewards players with items collected from defeated bosses.

Magic Warfare addon

New Boss - Ice Crown Citadel

A gigantic boss found in frozen and snow biomes. He can be spawned by destroying the frost core in the new structure. Possesses powerful attacks, including a blizzard effect and dropping unique items upon defeat.

Corrupted Altar Structure

A new structure that transforms the land around it into corrupted land. Concealed room inside with loot; breaking it reveals the hidden space. Soul Wanderer Boss can be summoned by placing the Soul Wanderer’s Head on the soul block inside.

Soul Wanderer Boss

A corrupted mage with potent Soul Magic and other skills. Drops Soul Essence exchangeable for special rewards in the Guild's Tower. Chance to drop a Soul Totem that negates wither effects when equipped in the offhand.

In essence, this addon enhances the magical aspect of Minecraft by introducing new magical elements, dungeons, and challenges, encouraging players to explore and harness the power of various magical skills.

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