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FCombat mod

FCombat is a mod that introduces a plethora of new weapons, armor, and items, breaking new ground for combat styles. This addon transforms combat gameplay, making it more exciting and varied compared to the vanilla Minecraft experience. Most of the included weapons feature powerful secondary attacks that often deal massive area damage. Wielding several items at a time and switching between them amid battle opens up the possibility for cool-looking combos.

Credits: fieryabyss

Key Features:

  • Over 20 New Weapons: Includes daggers, claymores, spears, greatswords, halberds, scythes, katanas, and a few special weapons.
  • Almost 50 New Items: A wide array of items to discover and use.
  • Enhanced Animations: Use the FAnimation pack for the best experience.

FCombat mod

Crafting Recipes

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