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FAnimation mod

The FAnimation mod enhances the visual experience in Minecraft by introducing a wide array of animations for combat and idle stances. This addon brings your character to life with dynamic attack animations, smooth idle movements, and other fluid gestures, making the game feel more immersive and visually appealing. It is perfect for players looking to elevate their gameplay experience with more engaging and lifelike character motions.

Credits: fieryabyss

New animations:

  • Holding Items
  • Walking Animation
  • Running Animation
  • Running Animation with Sword
  • Sneaking Animation
  • Jumping Animation
  • Crawling Animaton
  • Shield Blocking Animation
  • New sneak, walk & sprint animation
  • Punch animation
  • Armor-wearing animation
  • Idle animation on menu
  • Flying animation
  • Fishing animation
  • Death & emerge animation
  • Sit animation

Bow animation

Sword animations

FAnimation mod

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