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Weapon Combiner addon

Combine usual weapons with other materials in Minecraft PE to enhance and endow them with new properties. Just take a sword or an axe and add TNT to the formula, Redstone, or Amethyste. With a clear visual change in the structure of the sword will come a bump in durability. A few new weapon types will make a first appearance, like Scythe, Hammer, and Mace.

Credits: Beyond64

Weapon Combiner addon

What combined weapons are capable of doing

  • Amethyst Weapons - right-click for regeneration, duration varies based on the base weapon.
  • Beacon Weapons - passive effects include Jump Boost, Speed, Resistance, and Strength.
  • Camouflage Weapons - right-click to go invisible, with a cooldown.
  • Crying Weapons - hit a mob to collect tears and gain buffs.
  • Deepdark Weapons - passive effects with speed and resistance.
  • Double Axe Weapons - doubles the damage of a normal axe.
  • Dragon Egg Weapons - right-click to fly.
  • Ender Pearl Weapons - right-click to shoot an ender pearl, with a cooldown.
  • Froglight Weapons - passive effects with Jump Boost and Speed.
  • God Apple Weapons - passive effects include Absorption, Regeneration, Resistance, and Fire Resistance.
  • Magma Weapons - inflicts damage over time, intensity depends on the base weapon.
  • Redstone Weapons - passive effects with insanely high speed, speed varies based on the base weapon.
  • Sea Weapons - passive effects include conduit effects and water breathing.
  • TnT Weapons - right-click to throw TNT.
  • Wither Weapons - passive effects include Absorption, Resistance, Fire Resistance, Strength, and Regeneration.

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