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Super TNT addon

Create big and beautiful explosions with the Super TNT addon that adds a bunch of stuff to have fun with. All you could expect to achieve by blowing up vanilla TNT was a small dent in the dirt. With new explosives, you can wreak chaos inside the whole biome.

Credits: SrKayky

Rainbow TNT

TNT types that available to you

  • Fire TNT: Ignites blocks and mobs, that happen to be in an explosion radius. Creates occasional pockets of fire.
  • World Destroyer TNT: Creates an unutterable explosion that tears everything in a big radius.
  • Ultimate TNT: The most potent explosive Minecraft has ever witnessed.
  • Super TNT: The best choice for contained explosion.
  • Rainbow TNT: Creates a rainbow around the explosion making it a lovely experience.
  • Reverse TNT: Magically reverts terrain and structures back to their original state.
  • Mega TNT: Another big bang item.

Mega Explosion

Split TNT and Sticky TNT

Giga TNT

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