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Top 10 seeds for Minecraft PE 1.1.4

Here is our list of the Top 10 seeds for Minecraft PE 1.1.4 which will make your start easier. To use the seed, simply enter its digit number into the Seed field while creating a new world. Each seed was tested on the specified version, so it may not work properly on earlier or future version of the game.

1. Two villages and diamonds

Seed: 1739530041

Two villages and diamonds

It is a good seed to start with, you can simply find two villages with blacksmiths and a decent stuff inside the chests: iron armor, swords, food and diamonds enough to craft a pickaxe.

2. Ice Peaks and Tundra mega taiga

Seed: 949478733

Ice Peaks

Ice Peaks is unique and rare biome, you can build a house in taiga biome with beautiful view on the peaks.

3. Ocean monument

Seed: -513070979

Ocean Monument

Ocean monument can be found only underwater which means a lot of trouble if you're not using the right seed.

4. Stronghold

Seed: legend of luuc

Stronghold village

Stronghold can get you to the Ender portal and to the End, it's convenient to have it near by. To find a stronghold reach the village and jump into the well, then dig beneath you until you fall off.

5. Three villages and a dungeon on the surface

Seed: -2025962066

Three villages and a dungeon

Villages is always a good find, even if there is no blacksmith, you can get yourself food, a shelter or trade with the villagers.
  • First two villages are close to spawn, if you have a sharp eye you will see jungle temple between them.
  • If you will go further into the sand biome, you will stumble upon the third village, sooner or later.
  • Go to the right from the third village until you see crossing of savannah, sand and jungle biome - hollow mountain will be there and a dungeon in it.

6. Woodland Mansion

Seed: -396676922

Woodland Mansion

Woodland Mansion is another rare structure that spawns only in the forests, only there three new mobs can be met: vindicator, vex and evoker.

7. Witch Hut

Seed: 1139032603

Witch Hut seed

To find a Witch Hut move into the direction of 1 o'clock from spawn and after a minute you are on the spot.

8. Igloo at spawn

Seed: 274644153


You will spawn facing right at the Igloo, there is also a village near by.

9. Clay Spikes biome

Seed: 742382451

Clay Spikes biome

This unique biome is not even a real biome, it's just an example of how far Minecraft biome generation has go.

10. Crazy amount of stuff

Seed: 343145341

Two villages

Two temples and a village

Our last seed has a crazy amount of stuff to discover: three villages, two temples and a lot of good loot.

Finding all spots may be a little tricky:
  • 1,2 - first two is easiest to find, it's to the right hand from spawn.
  • 3 - to find the first temple move into the direction imaged on the screenshot, from there you will probably be able to see the third village.
  • 4 - third village is your orientier, use an arrow on the image to find your way to the second temple.

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