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Shield Hero addon

Dive into the world of Shield Hero with this MCPE addon, introducing a range of magical shields with intriguing offensive capabilities. This addon is based on the manga/anime, but I will elaborate on the functions of the shield for those of you who haven't watched it. Unlike traditional heroes armed with something sharp for combat, the Shield Hero relies solely on a shield, but don't be fooled — this seemingly defensive tool hides potent powers effective in a fight.

Credits: Al3zin Add-on

Shield Hero shop menu

Getting Started

Upon launching the game, you'll find a new item on your quick bar that grants access to the addon's menu. Transform into the Shield Hero persona, and in doing so, receive a regular shield. As you engage in battles and defeat foes, earn TP, a new type of currency. Return to the menu and you will find the Pickaxe shield as the next unlock, available for 870 TP.

Rope shield

Leaf shield

Leaf shield

Combat Mechanics

Wielding a shield opens up dynamic combat possibilities. Toggle between different attacks by pressing the Crouch button. Execute these attacks with a simple tap or RMB for a special and powerful move.


Wrath mode

Cool Shields at Your Disposal

Explore a variety of unique shields within the addon, each designed for a specific purpose:
  • Pickaxe Shield: Mine resources swiftly using your shield.
  • Leaf Shield: Create a damaging cloud of thorns, hurling them at enemies. Additionally, deploy root traps to entangle foes.
  • Rope Shield: Gain a new movement option akin to a grappling hook, enhancing your mobility.
  • Wrath Shield: Unlock Wrath mode, unleashing a fiery explosion to damage surrounding enemies or entrap them in an iron maiden.

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