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World Edit addon

Craft an entire world of your own using a comprehensive set of tools offered by the World Edit addon for Minecraft Bedrock. With a vast array of commands, you can swiftly construct structures, replace blocks, or clear vast areas in mere seconds, saving you hours of manual work. This incredibly efficient building tool transforms the laborious task of megastructure creation into an enjoyable game. To make the most of World Edit's capabilities, acquainting yourself with the syntax provided in the project's Wiki is essential, but it's a worthwhile investment of your time.

Credits: SIsilicon

Cube marked with a selection tool

Replacement of blocks

House made using World Edit

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  1. big gamesssssssssssssssssssssssssss
    it is to hard to understand
    1. rae
      no tf its not. Do you need help? its so simple just tag yourself to get the commands and then type ;kit and u get all the tools man its so fkn simple.
      1. cha
        Not workin for me
  2. çınar ayak
    how to do this i actived addon but nothing changed on my life how to use
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