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Mechanical craft addon

Mechanical Craft addon proposes a number of machines that are called to ease your life in Minecraft PE. Unleash your inner curiosity with peculiar machines allowing you to extract ores from stones and teleport you into other dimensions. All machines can be acquired in Creative mode only, scroll down for expanded info about their uses.

Credits: Kcaasi

  • Mortar and Pestle - crush things into dust or paste.
  • Potent freezer - use a Redstone block on the machine to charge the machine. The blue color means that it was successfully charged and you need to tap for activation. When activated it starts to turn all lava and water blocks in a radius into obsidian and ice respectfully.
  • Radiator - used to create special items.
  • Dimensional pearls - can move you between dimensions, but be careful the results can be unpredictable.
  • Entity analyzer - when utilized on a mob provides you with information about it.
  • Charged coal - a better fuel.
  • Forcefield - activate it with a Redstone block to create a field that will damage all mobs in a 15 block radius.
  • Metallurgical furnace - it melts metals into liquids. Light it up with coal and then use copper, iron, or gold to liquefy, and collect the result with a bucket.
  • Ingot mold - pour molten metal into the forms to make ingots.
  • Magnetic hopper - collect all items from the ground in 7 block radius. Activate it with a Redstone block.
  • Melting furnace - melt diorite, granite, or stone into Lava.
  • Security camera - put a camera in one place and a monitor with the corresponding number in another. Each camera requires its own monitor to function.
  • Recycler - recycles metallic items such as doors or armor into metals.
  • Greenhouse - plant a seed into it to produce crops every 30 seconds. Needs a Redstone block placed into the inventory.
  • Extractor - extract ores from stone, andesite, granite, diorite.
  • Clone machine - collect villagers' DNA with shears from the Zombie Villagers. Then use a Redstone block, an XP flask, and DNA to create a villager clone.
  • Experience machine - generate infinite amounts of EXP using a redstone and this machine.





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