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The Create addon, functions surprisingly close to its senior Java edition equivalent. For those who may not know, the original mod provides players with simple tools to build complex automated contraptions. Create's system is intuitive and doesn't require hours spent within manuals to make something cool.

Credits: Ramcor14_BR

Furnace Generator

In Create, everything starts with motion, that is, the engine. A Furnace Generator would be the first engine the addon provides us with. It requires three things to function: Flywheel, Furnace Engine, and Furnace loaded with Coal to burn it as a fuel.

Water Wheel

A Water wheel is a much simpler and environmentally friendly engine that utilizes the motion of water to spin.

Cogwheel and Shaft

Now that you have an engine working, you can start connecting different parts to it. A Cogwheel, Shaft, and Gearbox all translate the motion coming from the engine further on. The Gearbox is especially useful because it allows connecting from it in all six directions.

Mechanical Belt

After successfully learning how to create motion with the engine and transit that power further, you can start connecting machines. Mechanical Belt moves objects and mobs placed on top of it.

Mechanical Saw and Mechanical Drill

  • Mechanical Saw allows you to automate wood chopping.
  • Mechanical Drill effectively destroys ore block in front of it.
  • Mechanical Press and Depot work together to crush blocks.
  • Mechanical Mixer and Basin break gravel in search of something useful in it.
  • Gearshift is used to stop the motion of the machines. It is activated with Redstone.
  • Chute works oppositely to the Hopper.

Enable all Experimental game features.

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    hi can you make it so it works for education edition because it will make a good mushine mod for it
  2. Cooper McCullough
    Ayyyy i can’t get it too work i cant find the blocks how to i get them?
  3. Ahmad naik
  4. Subham
    Play minecraft
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