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Item Info addon

Receive detailed information on every item in Minecraft with the Item info addon. Standard info on items doesn't provide much knowledge for a player. The only way to find out a lot of things is to visit the game's Wikipedia. For example, how much light is emitted by every item capable of doing so? Now you'll have a way to find out that and much more.

Credits: HonKit26113

Item's illumination level

Illumination level is important for several reasons. Some mobs spawn only in particular conditions regarding light levels. Or you can just light up your room properly.

Hoe's durability info

Enchanted book info

Enchanted books will contain the info about the items they can be applied to. I'm sure not everybody knows which enchantment goes where.

Food nutrition info

What else will be shown in the info:
  • Hunger, Saturation & Armor Points
  • Time To Use Consumables & Warning Icons for Harmful Foods
  • Max Item Durability
  • Tools' Default Attack Damage
  • Mob HP & Hostility on Spawn Eggs
  • Duration of Music Discs
  • Banner Pattern & Firework Pattern Icons
  • Enchantment & Light Level Icons

Toggle on all Experimental gameplay features in the Settings of your world.

Edited: 1.12.23

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