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Minecarts Expanded addon

Expand the minecarts lineup in Minecraft with the ones that can be used for drilling, shooting, or exploding. Connect wagons with each other to tug storage or a lantern with you. Up to seven of them can be tugged around in a chain. Each minecart has a different field of use. You've got to fuel them with something combusting to make them run. Go into Sneaking mode and tap with a Coal to load it into any of the Minecarts.

Credits: RandomKerbal

Minecart types:
  • Default Minecart is an excellent starter to tug wagons.
  • Lantern Minecart will additionally light your way through the night.
  • Chest Minecart allows to pack everything anyone might need and take it with them.
  • Drill Minecart is made to dig caves and collect all of the resources in the process.
  • Shooter Minecart requires to be charged with shells first. And only then will it shoot at hostile mobs.
  • Shovel Minecart has two regimes of work. By default, it will clean out the land from the plants and such. Switch the mode by Sneaking and tapping on it to set a path-making mode.

Wagon types:
  • Passenger Wagon is used to transport buddies around.
  • Chest Wagon carries a chest.
  • Double Chest Wagon carries two of them.
  • Hopper Wagon has a hopper installed.
  • TNT Wagon can explode from the damage taken.
  • Flatbed Wagon is able to carry two entities.
  • Coffin Wagon allows one to hide inside, reducing the damage taken and providing fire resistance.

Video demo

Shovel Minecart

Shooter Minecart

Lantern Minecart

Minecart Drill

Edited: 19.03.23
Reason: 1 NEW MINECAR: "Minecar Bumper"
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