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Forsaken Odyssey addon

Discover a world of wilderness and abandonment with the Forsaken Odyssey addon for Minecraft PE. This immersive addon introduces exciting features, allowing you to visit ancient ruins, enhance survival skills, and encounter new creatures.

Rebuild ancient structures using unique building blocks, unleashing your creativity and restoring forgotten beauty to the forsaken landscapes.

Credits: NicoTheKid

Forsaken Odyssey addon

Enhance your survival skills with a wide array of new items, providing valuable tools and resources to overcome challenges in the untamed wilderness.

Prepare for thrilling encounters with new creatures, from fearsome predators to enchanting beings, adding depth and excitement to your journey.

Experience the transformed environment as the Mossy Forest replaces the Swampland biome. Explore the Overgrown Jungle, where lush vegetation reigns supreme, while the Sparse Jungle and Bamboo Jungle offer diverse landscapes to discover. Uncover hidden treasures and marvel at the crystalline formations within the Crystal Cave, nestled beneath the Windswept Hills or Extreme Hills biome.

Descend into the depths of the Mosshroom Cave, an underground wonder found beneath the Swamp and Mangrove Swamp biome, with its unique ecosystem and enchanting ambiance.

Venture into the Mushroom Cave, a captivating realm beneath the Mushroom Island and Dark Oak Forest biome, brimming with mushroom-infused wonders.

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  1. Anthony Jones
    This addon is the best addon I've ever seen

    This mod is the best mod I've ever seen
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