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Unique Chest loot addon

Chests located in specific structures now have a chance to contain a unique item. I will point out that there is no guarantee for you to get unique loot from the first chest. It also doesn't mean that the addon didn't work.

Credits: ShowdownMan

Many in-game structures have chests with loot. Their content depends on several factors, including the rarity of the find. Now each of these chests will have a chance for an extra rare item to appear.


Desert Temple

The list of items and where to find them

  • Underwater Ruins will have an Aquatic Embryo. When activated it summons a baby dolphin pet.
  • In Igloo you can find a Curing Kit, which is an alternative way to cure Zombie villagers.
  • Dungeon chests can contain a Dark Amulet, which summons a Baby zombie companion.

Destroyed Portal

  • Desert Temple has got Dusty Lamp, which summons a Genie pet.
  • Village-based chest has a chance to have Encrusted Hammer. When you attack mobs with it, they have a chance to drop Emeralds.
  • For Woodland Mansion, it will be Fang Gauntlets. It is a weapon that can summon a circle of fangs.


  • In Nether Fortress, players can find a new armor set.
  • Bastion chests can have a Gilded Arrow. It allows players to shoot fireballs.
  • Ruined Portal can have an item called Glowstone Totem, which traps the monsters into a Glowstone cage.

Riding a mount

  • Search Abandoned Mineshaft for Heavy Boots. They are so heavy that they would create a seismic slam when you jump from the high.
  • Pillager Outpost has to offer an Illager Warhorn item. Blowing the horn in the village would summon a raid.
  • In Jungle Temple, there is Jawsprout, which can be grown into a big carnivorous plant.

Piglin's arrow

  • If you stumble into a Stronghold, look for Scaly Saddle because it can summon a giant Silverfish mount.
  • Search for Shulker Shellguard in End City because it makes you completely invincible when you stand still.

Make sure to enable all Experimental gameplay toggles.

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