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Ultimate Survival texture pack

The Ultimate Survival Texture Pack (USTP) provides players with additional information and makes numerous tweaks to the UI, making gameplay more convenient. It reduces excessive visual clutter from effects like rain, snow, and fire to create a clearer picture. Some block textures have been modified to better convey their status. For example, USTP shows if a chest is trapped or indicates the direction in which a hopper is set. Additionally, monster health points are displayed above their heads, and anvils will show their stages of use.

Credits: Sunbun123

Top best features of the Ultimate Survival:

  • Clearer and Less Obstructive Visuals
  • Colorful Enchanting Particles
  • Bow & Crossbow Indicator
  • Lower Shield and HD Shield Corrections
  • Directional Hoppers and Observers
  • Clear Dispensers and Droppers
  • Item Info (Customizable)
  • Critical Hit Sounds and Particles
  • Unobtrusive Rain & Snow
  • Transparent UI Options

Spawning egg icons

Bow charging indicator

Lower shield

Dispenser, hopper direction indicator

Lower fire and grass

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