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Pokemon addon

Pokemons emerged into the Minecraft world and are waiting to be caught by a skillful trainer. Even though only 3 types of pokemon will be added and 3 of their evolutions, the addon is brilliant. It features the best-looking pokemon design ever made for Minecraft. You will be able to create a Pokeball, catch a pokemon, store up to nine of them, and then summon them over again. Battles between pokemon aren't working as of now.

Credits: DrGame0627

Main features:
  • Choose your starting pokemon: Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle.
  • Tap to swap between pokemon storage slots.
  • Sneak + tap to summon pokemon.
  • It's very hard to catch a powerful pokemon. Craft more advanced pokeballs.

Pokemon addon


How to install addons:
  1. Download the addon straight from your device
  2. Find and open the .mcpack or .mcworld files that you download earlier
  3. Click it to import into Minecraft Pocket Edition
  4. Open the game
  5. Create a new world or edit an existing world
  6. Scroll down to the Add-ons section and select the ones you want to apply
  7. Make sure to enable all "Experimental gameplay" features in Settings

Edited: 12.04.24
Reason: Bug fixes.

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  1. Barmytugboat87
    How do I accept a battle request on pc?
    1. Guest king
      make it work for Minecraft education it don ́t woke for me
      1. Denis
        It does Works in Minecraft education Edition in computers
        1. hi
          i tried it didnt give the pokeballs
      2. big balls
        maybe ur just not dat smart cus i got it working on mobile and computer
    2. the gamer
      how do you smelt the apricorns
  2. 5B26 Baibhav Banerjee
    It's a very nice mod

    It a mod I want to intall it it's pixelmon means Pokemon into Minecraft
  3. Tom
    I really would excited if you would update this in order to not say "warning!error detected!" Please accept me
  4. YellowFlash
    How do I turn on experimental gameplay
    1. pizzafire6
      You just scroll down and start clicking all experimental stuff to on and it will be on then.
  5. pizzafire6
    How do I take the downloaded thing and bring it into my packs that's a key step you skipped. :/
  6. Seeme
    It is good but it is true it doesn't work for Minecraft education and if any of you put any mean thing abt me right
    1. Misty
      I know. i really wanted to play it.
  7. Chris Gamers TV
    how to level up your pokemon?
  8. happyjello57
    it wont let me make the moke balls or i meen like the bottem part and wont let me cook apercorns
  9. jeff
    it doesn't work for minecraft education bruh i was so excited for this mod
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