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Extra Wolves addon

Extra Wolves addon turns Minecraft PE into a catch-them-all type of game where wolves take the spotlight. Meet new types of wolves that inhabit different biomes in the game and possess unique traits. Among the 17 total types, there will even be a Wandering Wolf-trader that sells treats for your pet. Elemental Wolves excel at resisting different types of damage like fire, lightning, or wither. With all the new items added to the game, you'll be able to create a truly comfortable living space for your pet, complete with their own house, toys to play with, and treats to eat.

Credits: JWolf1765

Let's talk about the features of the addon

Wolf Types: Explore a variety of wolves, each with unique traits and habitats. From the Orange Wolf's occasional night howls to the Frost Wolf's icy bite, there's a wolf for every biome.
Taming and Interaction: Interact with wolves using specialized items like Wolf Whistles and Clickers. Tame them using treats like Bones and give them commands to enhance your gameplay.
Armor and Equipment: Equip your tamed wolves with armor and gear, including Wolf Fangs for increased attack power and Wolf Lights to illuminate dark areas.
Toys and Entertainment: Keep your wolves entertained with toys like Toy Bones and Flying Disks. Create a dynamic environment with Running Rabbits that they can chase.
Canine Inventory: Manage your wolf's inventory by interacting with them using a chest. Store items and equipment for your furry companions.
Revival and Healing: Revive downed wolves using Golden Wolf Treats or Wolf Emergency Kits. Keep them healthy and ready for action in your Minecraft adventures.

Extra Wolves addon

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