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Botany Pots addon

Botany Pots is a special pots that automatically grow trees and crops for you, while your doing something else. This means you don't have to spend your time farming, but you still get all the resources you need. You can place these pots anywhere you like and grow as many trees and crops as you want. This addon brings content from the Java Edition Botany Pots mod to Bedrock Edition, with some adjustments to make it work smoothly.

Credits: PlusFreeze

Botany Pots addon

How to use pots for growing plants

To use pots, you will first need to craft them. Combine 5 Hardened Clay blocks on a crafting grid to form a pot. Next, place the pots in your desired location and fill them with dirt, sand, or any other suitable block for growing plants. Finally, plant your crops, trees, flowers, or fungi into the pot and watch them grow.

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