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Tinkers Legacy: Reforged addon

Tinker's Legacy: Reforged is an addon that enriches Minecraft PE with new ores, tools, and weapons, while also revamping the crafting system. All the necessary information on crafting new tools, using blueprints, and the required resources is contained in the in-game Guidebook. During your crafting journey, you'll need to explore to find and collect six new ores. With these ores, you can forge state-of-the-art weapons like Katanas, Morningstars, Claymores, Lances, Rapiers, and more. These new weapons provide additional options and flexibility in combat, ensuring you always have the right tool for the job.

Credits: HaxTheCharizard

Tinkers Legacy: Reforged addon

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  1. Makai Willams
    bruh you made the behavior pack
    .50 insted of 13
    1. That_One_Guy
      I know right...
  2. Cristhian
    Your complete one is garbage, I have already read the code, literally to be able to craft wooden things you need hax:basic_blueprint, in turn to get hax:basic_blueprint you need tiered_table but to craft that table you need hax:iron_plating, to be able to get iron plating you need 4 minecraft:iron_ingot... How the hell do you think I'm going to get 4 iron bars if I can't even get a wooden pickaxe to get stone?
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