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Aplok Guns addon

Aplok Guns addon is about adding military-themed content to Minecraft Bedrock, including guns, explosives, armor, and blocks. The guns are designed to fit the vanilla style of Minecraft, with realistic animations and satisfying sound effects. Players can craft their own guns and ammo using specific workbenches and materials. Attachments can be added to guns for customization, and reloading is done by interacting with the items in your inventory. Additionally, the addon is optimized for survival gameplay and supports multiplayer modes like dedicated servers and realms.

Credits: Gabriel Aplok

Aplok Guns addon

How to craft guns

Gun Workbench will be used to craft guns. This workbench has a unique layout that requires parts to be put in specific slots as illustrated on the screenshot. The ammo for the guns is made on the Stonecutter by putting Bullet Gunpowder into the slot. Bullets must then be combined with empty magazines, which are made on the Stonecutter using the Gunmetal Ingots. The new type of metal is also used in gun attachment crafting recipes.

To mount attachments to the gun, you have to put them in designated slots in the inventory, as shown in the screenshot above.

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