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Azalea addon

Azalea addon is a comprehensive server essentials addon designed for Minecraft Bedrock Edition. It introduces a plethora of tools and functionalities to elevate your server experience. Among its standout features is the Chest GUI Maker, providing an intuitive interface for creating custom graphical user interfaces. The Shop feature enables server administrators to sell items directly to players, enhancing the in-game economy. Teleport Requests streamline player interactions by allowing teleportation requests through a user-friendly interface.

Credits: TheLegendaryBrickWall

Azalea addon

The addon's Config Menu consolidates all server configurations, easily accessible with the command "/give @s azalea:config_ui." Additionally, Azalea introduces Bindables, allowing customization of item functionalities by binding them to specific commands. The GUI Maker empowers users to create and manage UIs effortlessly, while Legacy UIs support interfaces created before Update V2.0.

Leaderboards can be added and configured using simple commands, enhancing competition and engagement. The Player Shops feature lets players establish their own shops, contributing to a dynamic and player-driven economy. Ranks can be assigned to players with associated color customization for names, messages, and brackets, providing a personalized touch to player interactions.

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