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Money craft addon

Build a functional finance system in Minecraft with the Money Craft addon. For the longest time, emeralds have been the only currency used in trade operations. But it's not a fair system because you'd have to farm a specific ore or look for a trader to sell you them. With this new system, however, you can sell your stuff for crunchy paper dollars (not the real ones).

Credits: Spyderrock

Sell stuff to the depositor

Let's talk about how to earn money in the game. Depositor is a device used for the automatic exchange of items for currency. Not all items are eligible for a trade. Also, different items will get you a varied sum of money.

Buy items from the merchant

Suppose you made enough money by trading. How do you spend them? Well, there is a new NPC called Merchant that looks a lot like a villager but has yellow eyes.

Store money at the ATM

Instead of carrying all your money with you, put them into an ATM. They will be much safer, and you will get some interest from your deposit over time.

Open the shop to sell items

Another way to earn money is to open a shop and sell your goods to other players.

Set up the shop

After activating the shop block, you ought to tune it. Hop into the hole, and you will see a couple of chests as you descend. First, you've got to set the price by putting a bill into a barrel. Right underneath, place any block, which will become a future opening key to get into that room.

Choose what do you want to sell

Next, put the items you want to sell into a dropper. Remember the position of the slot you put the things in because it does matter. To buy an item, a client should put the exact price into the same slot as the item he is trying to get. Do not forget about these rules whenever you're trying to create a shop.

Close the shop

When you're done, close the shop by pressing the key block. To open it back up, remember the secret block you've set on step two and put it on top of the barrel.

Earn money in Minecraft

Enable all Experimental gameplay features.

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