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Survival Reworked addon

The Survival Reworked addon is a great way to shake things up if Minecraft becomes stale for you. New mobs will become real obstacles because many will be added, and you never will be prepared for what comes next. Each enemy from over 40 that you can encounter in the game requires a different approach to combat them. Artifacts are another new feature that will help you battle the mobs. You can obtain them either through crafting or as loot dropped by the mobs.

On your way to the final battle in the End, you will have to take a few additional steps. In the Nether, you will need to defeat the Abomination, summonable using a totem from the Illagers' settlement. Only then can you proceed to the End and try to deal with the bosses there.

Credits: Enedyx

Survival Reworked addon

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