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Hulkbuster addon

The Hulkbuster is a specialized suit specifically designed to combat the incredible strength of characters like the Hulk. Given the purpose of the suit, it is significantly larger and more robust than the standard Iron Man armor. You are now given the chance to take control of this machine and use it as you see fit. Maybe you always wanted to beat the Wither?!

Credits: Yujiro5

Hulkbuster addon

Hulkbuster suit functionality

  • Despite its big and bulky appearance, the Hulkbuster suit is not devoid of movement technology. Thanks to its built-in engines, this chunk of metal is capable of jumping to impressive heights. This trait is crucial for encounters with the Hulk, as it matches his abilities.
  • The laser beam is one of the ranged attacks built into the suit. It pierces through objects, mobs, and terrain dealing substantial damage on the way.
  • One of the most obvious things you can do being inside the full metal suit is to beat the hell out of anything with your fists. Every punch hits differently when it's enhanced by engines.
  • Tony wouldn't be him if he hadn't built good old missiles into the suit. They are small, fast, and capable of finding their targets themself. What else can you ask?

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