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Socketed armor addon

Socketed armor includes 80 new pieces of armor made by incrusting vanilla sets with gems. By employing a Jeweler's table, players will be able to upgrade their armor using Diamonds, Emeralds, Rubies, and Sapphires. Seek the last two gem types on the mining depth level as of Diamonds. Each set possesses a set of features that distinguish it from the others. The type of gem you use for the incrustation determines the tier of the armor you'll end up with and therefore its functionality.

Credits: Screaming Alien

Armor sets and their features:
  • Rogue armor set has three tiers which include Night Vision, powerful Sneak Attacks, and Invisibility.
  • The Warmonger set grants Resistance, Strength buffs, and Fire Resistance. You can also call a raid on a village.
  • The Protector set offers Resistance, increased with each tier, and immunity to negative spell effects.
  • Hero set grants Hero of the Village buff, double enchantment value, and slight durability buffs.
  • The Controller set provides Slow Falling, Haste, and immunity to slowing effects.

Socketed armor addon

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