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Arachnophobic addon

We've seen plenty of addons featuring zombies and vampires, but the Arachnophobic addon puts the spotlight on spiders. It's undoubtedly nightmare-inducing for those with arachnophobia, especially considering the gigantic size of some of these spiders. Brace yourself for battles with these arachnids wherever you go; dark caves are now even more perilous. And don't forget to check under your bed every night before you sleep.

Credits: The great Q

New spiders in Minecraft

Jumping Spider - is well known throughout the internet for the photos with their cute little eyes and smooth dance moves. Can be tamed with spider eyes and will sit on your head.

Huntsman Spider - a fairly large and terrifying spider commonly found in dark areas, hostile towards players.

Harvestman (Daddy Longlegs) - they have small bodies but very long legs, hence the name. You can tame them with poisonous potatoes and mount them but without any control. They can showcase incredible speed when fleeing from predators.

Giant Tarantula

Whip Spider - despite the name, they are actually derived from scorpions. They may punch players randomly, waving their antenna-like legs intensively when dangerous mobs are nearby.

Tarantula - is one of the largest spiders in the addon. They are quite territorial and aggressive, especially at night.

Vinegaroon - these creatures spawn uncommonly in swamps and lush caves, able to spray acid for defense.


Emperor Scorpion - uses his powerful pincers as shields to block attacks.

Deathstalker Scorpion - inhabiting savannas or deserts at night, the deathstalker is weaker than the emperor scorpion but possesses deadly venom.

Whip Spider

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